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Surfboard soft car roof racks

Most rental cars don't have fixed roof racks, so regular tie downs just won't do the job.

Soft Racks are secured to the car via straps that tie on the inside of the car through the doors.

Always take your leash off your board when driving with it on the roof. They can come undone very easily in the wind, and end up flying around or catching below a tire.

Roof racks for surfboards

Place the pads on the roof of the car and center them. Tighten the straps to secure them to the vehicle. The second set of straps is to tighten the surfboards. You can carry up to 6 surfboards on the car with these roof racks.

Roof racks for surfboards

In the photos you can see how easy it is to transport 4 surfboards on a Daihatsu Bego, a common rental car in Costa Rica. It is not necessary that your car has rails on the roof.

Block Surf surfboard roof racks

Arguable one of the most popular soft racks on the market, due to its ease of use and cheap price, this surfboard rack works using one large single strap for each of the two pads included. You first run the strap through your vehicle and thread the strap through the cam buckle, then over your surfboards and through the other cam buckle. Installation of this rack is as simple as they come. Like most soft surfboard racks, this rax uses standard cam buckles, which once threaded, can be pulled tight hands free. Simple thumb the buckle and pull to release.